Ice Therapy - Testimonials



"I rowed with the Oxford University Women's Lightweight Rowing club for three years as a PhD student. During this time, Briony was instrumental in keeping us all training and in good shape. From small niggles, tight muscles to helping with injury rehab, Briony was great at knowing what the best treatment option was. Given the vast number of different types of injuries and aches and pains (shoulders, pectorals, glutes, piriformis, back, quads, hip flexors... the list goes on!) I picked up during those three years, I was amazed that she could always come up with a new stretch or massage, which would hit just the right spot and keep me in training. Even now that I have left that level of training, I still go to her for any sports or posture related issues, always with great results."
Kirstin, rower

"I suffer from peripheral neuropathy, which means that I find it difficult to stand still or walk due to unsteadiness. This condition was slowly worsening. I went to Ice Therapy for treatment on my legs and feet in the hope that it might improve things. After the first session it was apparent that the circulation in my legs and feet had improved and the muscle tone strengthened. After several more treatments there was a noticeable improvement and both standing and walking are easier. I commend Briony's skill and knowledge wholeheartedly. She is an able and skilled practitioner who, I am sure, will help others as she has helped me."
David, cyclist

"Whilst away at an International competition I woke with considerable pain in my back. Manipulation from the duty doctor enabled me to breathe and compete, but I was still in considerable discomfort. Briony gently worked on a number of related muscles, locating and exploring the source of the pain. Relief was immediate and the pain continued to decrease over 48 hours, until I was pain free. On return to the UK I was examined at Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre, Oxford, at their Sports Injury clinic. The attending doctor commented that manipulation was correct, but not enough on its own and that Briony's massage had been exactly what was required, to gain recovery. I have remained pain free. Many thanks Briony. I hope you are there next time I need help!"
Philippa, figure skater